Shrewsbury Town College & University in Partnership with SCL Education Aims to Become Top Sport Course Provider in Shropshire

Calvin Latham, the Education & Employability Manager at Shrewsbury Town College & University, has unveiled ambitious plans to establish Shrewsbury Town College & University in partnership with SCL Education and University South Wales as the leading sport course provider in Shropshire.

Leveraging the unique position of being the only professional football club in the region and boasting state-of-the-art facilities, STC&U can offer not only comprehensive sports education but also equip young individuals with essential life skills for success. With a vision to elevate the college and university’s status in the field of sports education, Calvin Latham expressed his optimism about Shrewsbury Town College & Universities potential.

“We are the only professional football club in Shropshire, and we possess some of the best facilities in the county. This positions us to provide courses that not only harness the transformative power of sport but also cultivates the life skills that are crucial for young people to excel in all aspects of life.”

We’re happy to launch our 2024 recruitment window and release our Education Prospectus. Our courses are set to open doors for prospective students seeking to pursue their passion for sports while gaining a comprehensive education. The Education Prospectus, unveiled alongside the recruitment window, showcases an array of courses designed to cater to a wide spectrum of sports enthusiasts.

From sports management to coaching and sports science, the prospectus offers a comprehensive roadmap for students seeking to build their careers in the world of sports. Prospective students and sports enthusiasts are encouraged to explore the education offering in the newly launched Education Prospectus and take advantage of the 2024 recruitment window to embark on their journey towards a successful and fulfilling career in sports.


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