The safeguarding of our students is the prime focus of Shrewsbury Town College and University.

This is why we have developed a full set of safeguarding policies and procedures.

Shrewsbury Town College and University is committed to safeguarding. It is our responsibility to ensure that all students studying with us are free from any harm and that they can learn in a safe and risk-free environment.

As a developing education provider, we are constantly looking at ways to improve our procedures. Our policies are in place to guide us through the best processes to support young people.


“We are dedicated to maintaining a safe space for students”

Russ Teece | Head of Safeguarding

Our dedicated safeguarding team

Our safeguarding team works across Shrewsbury Town FC, Foundation, and College and University, providing the consistent level of care and professionalism expected from a professional football club. With extensive experience within the police and education fields, our safeguarding team has a combined knowledge that covers many situations.

We comply with Government legislation relating to Safeguarding Children, and adults at risk. We adhere to both FA regulations and regulatory requirements of the EFL. We have formed links with our partners at Shropshire Local Authority.

Our detailed Safeguarding Policy is supported across the organisation, and we have a system in place to ensure that any concerns are reported in the correct manner. All concerns are dealt with seriously and are recorded, investigated, and reviewed by our team.

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